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Delightful Places to Visit in Delaware

The smallest state in the US offers gorgeous beaches, breathtaking state parks and charming colonial towns for you to discover. Find everything from cozy cafes and intimate galleries and gardens.

Visit Wilmington to explore the stunning Brandywine Valley and wineries, and to spend quality family time at the Delaware Children’s Museum (which boasts exhibits such as its tree pavilion and stem lab!). Plus don’t miss visiting Delaware Children’s Museum where there’s plenty for everyone – they even have special exhibits for kids like tree climbing!

Lums Pond State Park

Lums Pond State Park stretches across 1,790 acres of breathtaking natural scenery near Bear in New Castle County, Delaware, and features its namesake pond as its focal point. Originally intended to fill a canal, today visitors enjoy kayaking, canoeing and fishing here while wildlife such as turtles basking on logs, Great Blue Herons nesting along its shorelines and even osprey can often be seen soaring overhead – making for an idyllic setting perfect for exploring.

Lums Pond State Park features miles of hiking trails that showcase its lush woodlands and vibrant wildflowers. The Swamp Forest Trail showcases dense pine trees and hickory oaks while Life Course Trail allows people to get active at 20 fitness stations. Both trails are wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Whoever wishes to spend their day on the water can do so by renting a rowboat, kayak, or canoe from our park’s office and take advantage of two boat ramps and piers with easy access. Fishing licenses are also available from here with common species caught including bluegill, crappie, perch and pickerel being found here.

Out of nature-themed activities, the park also provides children’s playground while you stay busy onĀ playing slots, disc golf and tennis courts to keep active visitors active. A round of disc golf or game of tennis can help burn calories while relieving stress. Picnic areas offer beautiful pond views for visitors.

Visitors of the park can attend events such as Warbirds Over Delaware (R/C plane event), Sunset Yoga, and Astronomy during their stay. Additionally, an on-site Nature Store sells an assortment of products like T-shirts and hats, gardening and camping books, as well as nature-inspired gifts.

Lums Pond State Park and its surroundings boast not only scenic and recreational amenities, but also family-friendly restaurants like Two Meatballs and Restaurant 55 that cater to families. Red Roof Inn & Suites Newark or Courtyard by Marriott Newark Downtown also provide dining services nearby.

Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House in Delaware is a historic theater and home of the Delaware Symphony, Opera Delaware, and First State Ballet Theatre, among many other events throughout the year. Established in 1871 with an iconic cast iron facade designed in Second Empire style and featuring Masonic symbolism; this site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places upon its construction.

House of Hope features two performance venues – Copeland Hall and the Baby Grand Theaters, each of which seats about 1,140. In addition, these theaters provide dance parties and open mic nights – as well as educational programs for both children and adults.

Nemours Mansion and Gardens were given as a gift by Alfred du Pont to Alicia DuPont as part of her legacy. These exquisite formal French gardens boast one of North America’s largest reflecting pools, as well as being situated within an elegant 77-room mansion that can accommodate visitors for guided tours as well as special concerts held here.

Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is another highly acclaimed attraction in Delaware. Spanning nearly one mile, the boardwalk features many stores and restaurants catering specifically to tourists. Visitors can shop, swim, eat delicious seafood dishes and engage in other fun activities available here; plus it makes for the ideal setting to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Delaware is an ideal holiday destination for both families and couples, thanks to its diverse landscape, charming towns, vibrant culture, breathtaking beaches and captivating museums and parks. Whatever type of traveler you may be, Delaware always has something new and exciting waiting to be discovered – there is always something new waiting to be explored here!

The Grand is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating engaging performing arts experiences for its community. Their aim is to ensure long-term financial sustainability through an appropriate balance between earned income and contributed support, as well as exerting a positive influence in revitalizing downtown Wilmington and enriching cultural resources within Brandywine Valley.

Zwaanendael Museum

Lewes, Delaware’s Zwaanendael Museum stands out as an impressive structure to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Dutch settlement along Hoorn Kill. Based on the former City Hall in Hoorn, Netherlands, its design features 17th century Dutch elements like its stepped facade gable, terra-cotta roof tiles, carved stonework and decorated shutters reminiscent of 17th century Amsterdam City Hall; on top of which stands an imposing statue honoring David Pietersen de Vries who led his expedition that established Swanendael.

The museum exhibits provide an in-depth view of Lewes-area southeastern coastline history as an illustration of Delaware’s maritime, military and social culture. On display are local history items like shipwrecks and Cape Henlopen Lighthouse; Black American experience on Delaware segregated beaches as well as British bombardment of Lewes during the War of 1812. Also on view is memorabilia related to Black Americans on segregated beaches as well as British bombardment in 1812.

Zwaanendael Museum is an essential destination for visitors interested in the history and culture of Delaware. One unique element is undoubtedly the Fiji Merman; a bizarre creation with the head of a monkey sewn onto a fish body made in China during the 19th century that Zwaanendael acquired from local family in 1940s; now on display it makes Zwaanendael truly special place. Admission to Zwaanendael is free with donations welcomed; street parking nearby makes Zwaanendael truly special place to explore in Delaware! Visits are free while donations are welcomed; street parking options nearby offer ample parking spots.

Nanticoke Indian Museum

The Nanticoke Indian Museum in Millsboro showcases the work of Delaware’s only state-recognized Native American tribe, located along Delaware’s Eastern Shore. Housed in a renovated community schoolhouse and designated a National Historic Landmark, it features artifacts of this Eastern Shore tribe such as basketwork, pottery arrowheads and stone implements – as well as traditional clothing and an extensive reference library.

The museum’s first room presents an exhibition of Native art. Additionally, visitors will see tools and objects used daily by Native peoples such as Lenapes who created wooden dugout canoes for travel through waterways; those same canoes can be found displayed alongside their respective oars and paddles in this exhibit.

Visitors to the museum will also gain insight into Native food. Much like modern humans, Natives in Maryland and Delaware grew crops such as corn, beans and squash for sustenance as well as hunting, fishing and gathering activities. Many indigenous people crafted wampum belts out of white and purple shell beads with symbols depicting stories or family trees on them; other Native instruments included drums and flutes which would often accompany tribal dances or ceremonies while flutes would frequently accompany love songs.

The second room at the museum is dedicated to the tribe’s history and culture. Visitors can view a reconstructed longhouse as well as traditional tribal items; additionally, there is also an impressive collection of Native jewelry and artifacts on display.

Museum visitors will also enjoy viewing photographs and watching a video featuring an original tribal song as a touching ode to their ancestors.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., admission to the museum is free of charge. Additionally, on May 6 from 11am-4pm the museum hosts its Heritage Day with Sterling “Earth Keeper” Street honored at an on-stage ceremony; storytelling by Ragghi Rain will take place alongside performances by Nanticoke Lenape Dance Troupe under Adrienne Harmon; this event also includes storytelling activities featuring Ragghi Rain.